Supplier Gateway to Distributors

Why should your products feature on the Gateway?

Work smarter... Be seen... Sell more... Save time


Connect with distributors

When you list your products in the Customer Focus Gateway, they will be instantly accessed by thousands of distributors who are searching for products. They'll be able to use your data for quotes and orders quickly and error-free.

Any updates you make are automatically added to our websites and order management platforms - and you'll receive fewer incomplete or inaccurate purchase orders as a result. What's more, all of your products will be Virtual Sample enabled - for free!

Connect with distributors
No paid for placement

No paid for placement

To incentivise suppliers to provide us with the most comprehensive and accurately priced database in the industry, we give each product record a 'score'. The highest scoring products are those that appear at the top of the list following a search.

Accrue points by providing full additional cost information, high quality product images with color variations, and regularly updating pricing information.


Detailed statistics

So that you can accurately measure your return on investment, the Customer Focus Gateway includes a detailed statistics package showing you Views, Inquiries, Top Products and Top Visitors.

Review your most popular products, target active distributors with promotions, and see the 'big picture' - all activity over specified date ranges

Detailed statistics
Promotional product distributor websites

Maximum product exposure

Your products will be made live on thousands of Customer Focus websites; distributor managed websites from which end users can create Virtual Samples, inquire and place orders for advertising specialties online.

There are literally thousands of live Customer Focus websites, servicing tens of thousands of clients; this includes company stores for high profile brands. It's ideal for generating interest for your products.


Accessible in the cloud

Customer Focus Gateway is a cloud based product, accessed over the web. It empowers you to manage all of your product data updates from any location and any device.

Add new products and edit existing products, and Gateway will instantly update our distributor solutions, Customer Focus Basic, Standard and Ultimate. We offer unlimited access for you and your team.

Accessible in the cloud
Supplier websites

Optional supplier website

Why not add a Customer Focus website to your package? Your website can be created in seconds and is fully integrated with the Gateway so you need only use one system to maintain your product data and make it easy for distributors to buy from you.

We offer your choice of ready to use templates, unlimited products and pages, drag 'n' drop content management, integrated Virtual Samples and much more.