Customer Focus Software Release Notes November 2015

Customer Focus Software Release Notes November 2015

Hot on the heels of our last product update, November sees a new update to the Customer Focus software platform. Here are the highlights!

QuickBooks Integration Comes Out of Beta

QuickBooks IntegrationWe've had QuickBooks integration in beta test mode for some time, and we're delighted to say it's passed the test and is ready for use. Simply put, Customer Focus Ultimate users can now export invoice and customer data from CF and import it into QuickBooks.

This means no re-keying of data, and the ability to manage AR and AP transactions with the click of a button. We worked with Amanda Corey, MAS, to implement best practice, so our distributor customers will benefit from the most efficient order processing solution available.

New 'Save' and 'Cancel' Buttons Added to Reduce Errors

To eliminate the risk of data being deleted in error plus improve stability of product details added, the 'SAVE' and 'CANCEL' buttons have been introduced on Customer Focus Ultimate.

So, if you're making edits to Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders or Invoices, these buttons will appear requiring you to either Save or Cancel the edits made.

Enhanced Search Filters for End User Websites

When searching for products on Customer Focus end user websites, the 'AND' and 'OR' functionality has been refined. Let's take GOLF BALLS as an example:

Golf 'AND' Balls will provide results that only have BOTH keywords.

Golf 'OR' Balls will bring up results with any of the keywords.

The release also includes dozens of small feature enhancements which you may not even notice, but are all there to help you run your business more efficiently, and help you deliver an amazing service to your customers.

Please contact our support team if you have any questions or want to get started with the QuickBooks integration.