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Free Website When You Purchase Spectrum Catalogues

When you purchase a hundred copies or more of the Spectrum catalogue, you'll automatically receive a customisable end user website. Your website will come fully populated with those products that are in the current Spectrum catalogue.

There's no easier or more affordable way to maximise your marketing efforts than to utilise the industry's most popular catalogue, coupled with an industry leading website. Learn more about Spectrum Catalogues.

Spectrum Catalogues
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Thousands of Inspirational Promotional Products From 80+ Leading Suppliers 

Are you eager to sell those products that have a high chance of being a hit with clients? Thousands of new and inspirational promotional products grace the Spectrum catalogue.

With over 1,000 diverse products ranging from best sellers to the latest trends, and absolutely no duplication, end users are guaranteed to find what they're looking for.


Bridge the Gap Between Paper and Online

If you purchase Spectrum Catalogues, you'll receive a virtual catalogue as a free feature on your website. The virtual catalogue includes page turning technology, giving your clients access to the Spectrum catalogue online 24 hours a day!

When time is of the essence, or expense and care for the environment discourages you from sending a paper catalogue, the virtual catalogue steps in.

Virtual Catalogue with Page Turning